iLEADS Laboratory - University of Piraeus

Ioannis Rematisios

Ioannis Rematisios has more than 27 years of progressive experience in military and as civilian in NATO, driving change and process improvement, with commitment to lifelong learning and development and with a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary interests and expertise such as:

– Corporate Information Management & Process analysis
– Workflow Management / Business Process Improvement
– Project / Programme Data management and coordination
– Team collaboration and leadership
– Aviation logistics & maintenance. Aircraft engineering & helicopter visionics
– Science, Technology & Innovation
– European Studies and European culture analysis
– Business Administration
– Critical & analytical thinking
– Macro-environment analysis

Ioannis has obtained an MBA degree from HOU and Wroclaw University of Economics, with a thesis on the subject “External environment and critical factors that determine the defence investment on Science, Technology & Innovation within NATO. A multidisciplinary approach.” He has a Bachelor’s degree in European Culture Studies and a diploma in Military studies (NCO academy). Ioannis has also attended various managerial courses such as Management of Information Systems & Decision-Making Process and Strategic Future Analytics (University of Athens). He has worked in various information management positions in NATO Underwater Research Centre and NCI Agency. Currently working on project data management and coordination, within NATO Air & Missile Defence Command & Control (AMDC2) programme.

Ioannis speaks Greek (native) and English (Full professional proficiency) as well as Italian (level B2) and Spanish (level B2)

Recent publication: “Strategic Value of NATO’s Investment on Science, Technology & Innovation (STI): Management of Information and Knowledge as Intangible Assets”, Journal of Defence Resources Management, (JoDRM) Vol9, Issue 2 (17) / 2018