iLEADS Laboratory - University of Piraeus

Olga Tsatsani

Olga Tsatsani is a PhD candidate in the field of Digital Transformation & Development Process focused on the User Neurocognitive Modelling at the Department of Economic, University of Piraeus. She is a Licensed Psychologist, graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a BSc in Psychology in 2013. She holds two MSc Diplomas, namely MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and MSc Clinical Research in Psychology from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2015, she received a Certification of Applied and Multivariate Data Analysis from the Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She has a strong passion for UX, e-Commerce technology and an extensive experience in multi-cultural international working environments.

Professional Experience

She is a member of the Hellenic Neuropsychological Society (HNPS) and a Research Associate at iLeads Laboratory. She has over 10 years of scientific experience in quantitative and qualitative research investigating the human factor in the disciplines of Behavioral Psychology and Applied Neuroscience. Together, she has worked in several B2B and B2C environments, such as (Tourism Hospitality), Netflix (Home Entertainment Services), Wiley/ Atypon Systems (Global Scientific Publisher/ Online Publishing Platform & Web Development Tools) and currently at Linakis Digital, (Global Digital Agency), focused on the Market and User Experience Research.

Academic Experience

During her postgraduate studies, she worked as a Project Researcher at the Erasmus Behavioral Lab (EBL), studying the human Emotional Regulation and Cognitive Control towards Emotional Stimuli with EEG/MEG applications, from which she obtained her Research Internship and, in turn, her Master Thesis. During her graduate studies, her Bachelor Thesis was oriented towards the human Cognitive Mechanisms’ Development, investigating the external/internal disruptions in Sustained Attention and Working Memory of healthy individuals.

Voluntary Experience

She performed an active voluntary activity for over 10 years in healthcare and reintegration units both in Greece and in the Netherlands, requiring her ownership in running research projects and participation in digital therapeutic interventions (high-quality softwares, digital applications, online platforms etc.). Clinical Populations: Patients suffering from neurodegenerative disorders (i.e. Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s Disease, etc.), drug addiction, and/or individuals with special needs, autistic spectrum and/or syndromes.


She speaks Greek (native), English (full professional proficiency), German (level C1) and Dutch (level A2)

Her areas of expertise involve, among others, Discovery Workshops, Business Vision Mapping, UX Auditing, User Modelling & Testing, Market Inspection, Web-Analytics, Content Management Processes, Personalization Methodologies, Digital Innovation across devices as well as User-friendly Information Architectures. Industries: Online Banking Insurance Services, Non-Profit / Cultural / Educational / Ecommerce Organizations, Tourism and Hospitality.

Scientific Areas-of-Interest
Her scientific interests involve the Human-Computer Interaction, the Digital Development Process, Users’ Neurocognitive Modelling and Embodiment.