iLEADS Laboratory - University of Piraeus

Our Goals

iLEADS Laboratory represents a powerful team of highly qualified, inventive and enterprising people. We aim to develop new knowledge and share our expertise through solid collaborations with industry and business, the public sector and other higher education institutions. We believe that an equal and inclusive workplace can produce significant research work based upon diverse backgrounds. Our main goal is to construct and disseminate a broad knowledge of the functional areas of strategic leadership and a deep understanding of the multiple and diverse tools and methodologies that digital transformation offers in a modern and globalized economic environment.

Therefore, in iLEADS Laboratory we thrive to:
• Demonstrate awareness of the global economic, environmental, political, ethical, legal, and regulatory contexts of business practice.
• Assess how organizations create value in their global supply chains through the integrated production and distribution of goods, services and information.
• Describe the concept of competitive advantage and how it may be achieved through strategic and tactical methods.
• Analyze the information content of organizational processes throughout a digitally transformed business context.
• Define markets and apply marketing concepts and principles using a customer focus to effectively sell products and services.
• Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical, legal and strategic concerns relating to human resource and organizational management.
• Innovate with emerging technologies (e.g in business intelligence, customer experience, Internet of Things, etc.) and explain why it's important for many businesses to invest time to research technologies and validate business benefits.
• Apply modern management concepts and methods to interpret financial statements for evaluating the financial position and performance of organizations.
• Interpret and analyze accounting information for internal control, planning, performance evaluation, and coordination to continuously improve business processes.
• Make basic investment and financing decisions for a business using financial management concepts, and methods.